The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock


New Perspectives Theatre Company

Director : Jack McNamara
Designer : Juliet Shillingford
Lighting Designer : Azuza Ono
Sound Designer : Tom Lishman

Alfred Hitchcock                                     Martin Miller

Emma, his mother /  Alma, his wife          Roberta Kerr

Jesuit Principal /  Priest /  Strang(l)er       Anthony Wise

Screenwriter                                           Tom McHugh  

The Master of Suspense is at the height of his powers.  In his mind’s eye he toils to define a dreamlike vision of a dark-clad woman walking away from him.  Where is she? On a deserted ship? In a street? And who is she? All he can hear are the first letters of her name: M-a... As again and again he revisits this image in his inner world, and begins the creative struggle to articulate it in story terms, the woman leads him to a graveyard, up a staircase to a scene of murder, into an open grave itself...

Published by Oberon Books, London

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            Martin Miller as Hitchcock.  Act I curtain image from 

         New Perspectives production, UK tour 2013;  Theatre E59, 

         New York 2014.


An unprecedented portrait of the great film maker and master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, written with haunting beauty by Britain's greatest living dramatic poet.

This sinister new play takes an unprecedented look at the life and mind of one of the century's most fascinating cultural icons. With great insight and stunning lyricism, this critically acclaimed character study reveals the story of the Hitchcock you never knew.

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