Photographs and Stills

All reproduced here with permission except where stated.

Please address any requests for emendation to my agents.

Main Page: Photograph of the author, ©Margaret O'Neill

Short CV: Rehearsal photograph (1962) © Zoe Dominic.

Rehearsal photograph (1981) © Willoughby Gullachsen.

Theatre: Afore Night Come production still by Reg Wilson; courtesy of RSC.

The Sons of Light production still by Joe Cocks; courtesy of RSC.

Ashes production still: photographer unknown.

The Triumph of Death production still © Willoughby Gullachsen.

Hansel and Gretel production still (RSC) © Donald Cooper; (RADA) by production director Brian Stirner.

The Saxon Shore production still by John Vere Brown (permission sought but no answer received).

Red Sun production still © Phill Carr.
The Master and Margarita production still © Stuart Colwill.

Cinema: Testimony still: permission sought but no answer received.

December Bride still by permission of production company Little Bird.

The Woodlanders still by permission of River Film

TV: Production photographs from Penda’s Fen, Artemis 81 and White Lady: © Willoughby Gullachsen.

No acknowledgments nor thanks are due to BBC, who withhold permission to display stills from the films themselves - except on payment of a disproportionate fee.

Radio: Photograph of Cries from Casement... book-cover: permission sought from BBC Publications, but no answer received.

Photograph of Alfred Hitchcock by permission of BFI National Stills Library.

Photograph of Gustav Mahler: taken in 1909, photographer unknown.

Music Theatre: Production still from Broken Strings by composer Param Vir.

Books: Stills from Vampyr by permission of BFI National Stills Library.