Black Feather Rising



text for music-theatre

music Param Vir


Two singer-actors: soprano, baritone. 

Musical ensemble of six players: flute, clarinet, harp, percussion, violin, cello. These are visibly present around the performance space, are engaged in the action and at times may take their cue from it. 

The dramatic mode is of physical presentation distilled to a minimum, thus suitable also for concert performance.

No way down. From this high rock. All my journey, here it ends.’ West-Wind-Rising (Charlotte Riedijk) and members of the Stichting Octopus ensemble.

At a tribal gathering, a young man and young woman see each other, and fall in love. But she, Wind-that-Rises, is married with a child. He, Raven Caller, is in subjection to a witch who, in her jealous fury, punishes him with the loss of his memory and magical powers. But in his unconscious, his song of love sings on. Wind-that-Rises, guided by his song, sets out on a difficult and dangerous journey to find him. Her way brings her toward the mysterious ‘forbidden’ Black Feather Mountain , from where his song seems to be coming. As she clambers down a sheer rock-face, a raven attacks her, and she falls. Raven Caller finds her broken body almost lifeless. Once, with his powers, he could have restored her. Now he does not even recognize her; he cannot remember even his own name... In one continuous scene of music-theatre, they re-awaken each to themselves and to the other, and by the miracle of love their lives are renewed.

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