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Euripides in his old age:  repudiating Athens' failed democracty, her theatre, and Tragedy itself, the dramatist opts for voluntary exile in the wilds of Macedonia.  In an outbuilding on a farm on the foothills of a mountain, he will live a life of Spartan austerity, and write only 'little pieces' from now.  But he begins to hear from the mountain disquieting fragments of sound - a beat on a strange drum, snatches of womens' crazed laughter and savage song, elements of one last terrible tragedy forming within him to be born...

Euripides          Michael Pennington

Oreivassa         Mia Soteriou

Nikos her son   Hambi Pappas   

The Emissary   Sam Crane

music   Mia Soteriou

sound   David Chilton

directed by Jeremy Mortimer

A Catherine Bailey production for Radio 3