Red Sun

'We were our own masters. And we had a sacred tree... It was the tree of our life. And only one among us ever knew its name.' The magician Wana-Apu (Iain Armstrong) tells his creature Adamu (Mick Jasper) how their people lived before the 'sick strangers' came. AJTC: first tour, 2003.


Published 2011 by Intellect Books UK/USA

ISBN 978-1-84150-427-8

An island in the Third World. A foreign Company exploit the natural resources and abuse the native tribe. In his rage and pain at what his people suffer, the tribal magician uses his magic craft to create a subhuman creature of clay, whom he sends to do acts of terrorism among the oppressors, to punish them and try to frighten them away. Inevitably, he has created something more than he can control...

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